The last sheep

Christmas-Special, 26 min

The sheep set out on the Holy Night to see the newborn child.

The Christmas story from the sheep’s point of view is based on the book by Ulrich Hub with pictures by Jörg Mühle. The Christmas special was produced as a commissioned work for WDR from the first design drafts to the final mix in the TrickStudio. Annette Frier and Bernhard Hoecker, among others, were engaged as narrators.

The first broadcast took place on the four Sundays of Advent 2020 in “The show with the Mouse”.

Director Matthias Bruhn
Producer Richard Lutterbeck
Client WDR – Die Sendung mit der Maus
Editor Henrieke Vieregge, Annette Walther
Cast Annette Frier, Bernhard Hoecker, Saskia, Brzyszcyk, Michael-Che Koch, Konstantin Gerlach, Sophia Karallus, Christian Wunderlich, a. m. m.
Storyboard Alex Tiedtke
Layout Olaf Kamin, Felix Herzog, Rey Sommerkamp
Backgrounds Annika Nimz, Aron Bremer, a. m. m.
Compositing Rey Sommerkamp, Patrick Knott, Christian Asmussen
Music Kai Dorenkamp
Year of Production 2020