The fourth King

Christmas-Special, 26 min

The fourth king, Mazzel, and his camel, Chamberlin, set out on the Holy Night in search of the other three holy kings and experience a night full of adventures.

The Christmas special THE 4TH KING is unmistakably based on the cheerful design by Swiss artist and director Ted Sieger. The collaboration of the producers Alexandra Schatz, Richard Lutterbeck & Mikael Ekblad was successfully continued with MOLLY MONSTER.

Director Ted Sieger, Mikael Ekblad
Client Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, Ted Sieger, Sluggerfilm, Kickback Media
Executive Producer Richard Lutterbeck
Animation director Olaf Kamin, Teresa Diehm
Voice actor Ilja Richter, Kevin Whatley, Henric Holmberg, Stefan Kurt
Screenplay John Chambers
Music Martin Brandqvist
Year of Production 2005


Seal of approval: „Highly recommended“ Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung Wiesbaden, Germany, 2005

Best TV Program Animadrid, Madrid, Spain, 2006

Bestes Vorschulprogramm Goldener Spatz, Gera, Germany, 2007

Schweizer Kinder- und Jugendmedienpreis Switzerland, 2007