Die Seite mit dem Elefanten


The website of the “Show with the elephant”. Pre-school children can make their first steps in the world wide web and can enjoy a lot of films, songs and games.

The elephant’s website
The elephant’s website for parents

We maintain the website for children and the accompanying website for parents. We create games and other content, maintain and extend the frontend, the backend and the CMS.

Concept Heike Sistig, Matthias Bruhn, Hubi Kladde and others
Client WDR
Programming Arkadiusz Juszczyk, Hubi Kladde, Anselm Weidmann
Year of production 2007 - 2021
Website www.wdrmaus.de/elefantenseite


Erfurter Netcode Erfurter Netcode e.V., 2011

digita 2014 German Education Media Award, Deutschland, 2014