Dusty the mighty mite

Pilot, 12 min

With his friend Sputnik, the Ukrainian fruit fly and Chantal, his secret crush, Dusty the house dust mite tries to protect the village from a “giant dragon”. Impossible? Not for Dusty, the smallest greatest hero ever!

DUSTY, THE MIGHTY MITE is the first original series project developed in the TrickStudio. The prominent german voice actors were Meret Becker as the singing Chantal and Christoph Maria Herbst in his first dubbing role as the fruit fly Sputnik.

Director Matthias Bruhn
Producer Richard Lutterbeck
Voice actor Meret Becker, Christoph Maria Herbst, Reinhard Schulat, u.a.
Screenplay John Chambers
Music Alex Flucht
Soundstudio SoundVision
Funded by Filmstiftung NRW, MEDIA
Year of Production 2003


F.W. Murnau Shortfilm Award Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Germany, 2004