FRITZI – a revolutionary tale

Animated feature, 80 min

FRITZI – A REVOLUTIONARY TALE depicts the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 in Leipzig from the perspective of a 12‐year‐old girl. Fritzi’s best friend Sophie has not returned to school after the summer vacations in Hungary. But Fritzi still has Sophie’s dog Sputnik. While trying to bring Sputnik back to Sophie, Fritzi gets caught up in the turbulence of the political fall of 1989. Fritzi realizes that sometimes you have to fight if you want to change something.

The film is based on the children’s book “Fritzi was there” by Hanna Schott, illustrated by Gerda Raidt. Together with Balance Film, TrickStudio Lutterbeck is the main co‐producer alongside Doghouse Film (Luxembourg), Artemis (Belgium) & MAUR film (Czech Republic).

FRITZI – A REVOLUTIONARY TALE celebrated its world premiere in October 2019 at the Nikolai Church in Leipzig. The film won many awards internationally and was nominated in Germany for the German Film Award (Lola) & the Grimme Award, among others.

A co-production of TrickStudio Lutterbeck, Balance Film, Artémis Productions, Doghouse Films, Maur film
Directors Ralf Kukula & Matthias Bruhn
Producers Richard Lutterbeck, Ralf Kukula
Production Supervisor Christian Asmussen
Screenplay Beate Völcker
Co-Author Péter Pálátsik
Art Director, Storyboard Alex Tiedtke
Music André Dziezuk


“Best Film” & “Best Story” Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFFCY), India, 2022

Freya-Stephan-Kühn-Award 2020/21 Federal Union North Rhine-Westphalia History Teachers e.V., Germany, 2021

Best Feature TIFF JUNIOR, Norway, 2021

ARD-TV-Channel-Award 2021 ARD, Germany, 2021

Schools Award for Best Film 5th IndieJunior Aliianz IFF, Portugal, 2021

57. Grimme-Award 2021 - Nomination Grimme-Institut, Germany, 2021

Special honorable mention - Jury of Educators Ale Kino!, Poland, 2020

Kindertiger - Best Screenplay Vision Kino / KiKA, Germany, 2020

Best International Children’s film 25. La Matatena, Mexico, 2020

Special Young Jury Award 33. ICFF, Iran, 2020

CIFEJ Special Award 33. ICFF, Iran, 2020

European Children’s Film Association Fern Flower Award ECFA, Belgium, 2020

“Award of MDR Broadcast Council” - Best Screenplay Goldener Spatz, Germany, 2020

Special Award “Finding myself Feature” 15th BIKY, South Korea, 2020

Seal of Smoke-free 2020 Society for Non-smoking, Germany, 2020

Nomination Best Children’s Film LOLA, German Film Academy, Germany, 2020

Best Children’s Film German film critics award 2019, Germany, 2020

Best animated Feature 12. Juniorfest, Czech Republic, 2019

Best Animation Filem’on, Belgium, 2019

The goldene luce 26. Kinolino Filmfestival Dresden, Germany, 2019

Seal of approval: „Highly Recommended“ Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung Wiesbaden, Germany, 2019

German Screenplay Award 18. Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart, Germany, 2011