Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers

Computer Mystery Detective Game

Dark tales are told of the island of the Fortvil family: stories of unimaginable horrors, demonic curses, and mysterious creatures from the underworld. When the famous Morriton Manor Investigators vanish on the island, Leah Glessner, Private Investigator of the Supernatural, is sent to rescue them.

The island is under the influence of a dark curse and trapped in a never-ending time loop. Armed with her photographic memory, Leah Glessner sets out to solve the case. An adventure full of mystery, strange characters, intrigue, and unexplainable phenomena begins.

TrickStudio created classic 2D character animation for the prototype of this fantastic computer role-playing game.


Backwoods Entertainment

Production Backwoods Entertainment
Game Design Marcus Bäumer, Hauke Gerdes
Authors Marcus Bäumer, Hauke Gerdes
3D Artist Matthias Nikutta
Music, Sound Design Tristan Berger
Animation Olaf Kamin