Pilot for TV - series, 20 min

Lemmings, who bug death, 2 scientists, dealing with a dinosaur, which sticks in their time machine, a neighbour, accompanied by Mr. Riebmann, who lives in his wall, abominable snowmen and many more characters populate the crazy black humoured world of NOTFUNNY.

Director Joscha Sauer
Producers Joscha Sauer, TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH
Design Joscha Sauer
Screenplay Joscha Sauer
Voice actors Donald Arthur, Tommi Piper, Martin Reinl and more
Animation Olaf Kamin, Felix Herzog, Rey Sommerkamp, Christian Asmussen and more
3D Tobias Knitt
Music Lennart Salomon
Soundstudio SoundVision
Year of production 2013