Schalotte - an onion for all cases

TV Series in development, 26 x 7 min

The lights go out in the supermarket in the evening, but crime never sleeps. SCHALOTTE ONION fearlessly investigates in the vegetable milieu together with her friends SPLIT, the good-natured Euro-banana, and LILLY, the lovable strawberry girl. Is it a whodunit? Is it a comedy? In any case, it is a sharp plea for diversity and tolerance.

SCHALOTTE – AN ONION FOR ALL CASES is the first vegan crime comedy for children.

The series is being developed with the support of Film- & Medienstiftung NRW, Creative MEDIA, Contrat Triennal and Procirep/Angoa by co-producers TrickStudio Lutterbeck (Germany), Studio Amopix (France) & MAUR film (Czech Republic). The production is scheduled to start in early 2024.

Director Olaf Kamin
Producer Richard Lutterbeck, Matthias Bruhn
Co-Producer Studio Amopix, MAUR film
Art Director Sabine Dully
Screenplay Tanja Sawitzki
Music Alex Flucht
Funded by Film- & Medienstiftung NRW
Year of Production 2022 - 2025