Molly Monster

TV - series, 52 x 5 min

Molly is a happy little monster and lives with her parents and her best friend Edison, a wind-up toy, in Monsterland.

The series MOLLY MONSTER is specially tailored to the needs of very young viewers. It ran very successfully for years on the childrens’ magazine “Sandmann”. A Christmas special and a feature film followed. Sophie Rois has remained faithful to the little monster over the years and has lent her voice. Ilja Richter speaks Edison in the series.

Director Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad
Producers Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH, Little Monster GmbH, Sluggerfilm
Design Ted Sieger
Screenplay John Chambers
Voice actors Sophie Rois, Ilja Richter, K. D. Klebsch, Helga Sasse, and more
Music Udo Schöbel, Mike Horowitz, Christoph Utzinger
Soundstudio SoundVision
Coproducers RBB, SF, tsr, rtsi, tvR, svt, nordmedia, MEDIA
Funded by nordmedia, MEDIA
Year of production 2007 - 2011


Adult Jury Prize – Animated Television Production: 1st prize CICFF, USA, 2012