Molly and the Christmas Monster

Christmas special, 26 min

Every monster in Monsterland knows the story of the Christmas Monster, but no one believes it. Except Molly Monster. And so she sets off north with Dad and her best friend Edison to visit the Christmas Monster.

After 52 episodes of the MOLLY MONSTER series, this successful Christmas TV special was created. One secret of the success of Molly is the consistency of the team: directors Ted Sieger, Matthias Bruhn, Mikael Ekblad and producers Alexandra Schatz, Richard Lutterbeck and Sepp Burri. The script was again written by John Chambers, and Sophie Rois is once again on board as the voice of Molly.

Director Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn, Ted Sieger
Producers TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH, Alexandra Schatz, Little Monster GmbH, Sluggerfilm
Design Ted Sieger
Screenplay John Chambers
Voice actors Sophie Rois, Ilja Richter, K. D. Klebsch, Helga Sasse, and more
Music Martin Brandqvist
Soundstudio SoundVision
Coproducers KIKA, SF
Funded by Filmstiftung NRW, nordmedia, FFA, Berner Filmförderung
Year of production 2010


Seal of approval: „Recommended” Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung Wiesbaden, Germany, 2011